Live In Belief

Game on. He told me he did not believe in anything beyond himself in his world. I told him he’s created to believe in God. Without belief, we are unable to see the possible in the impossible, the beginnings in endings, the healing in hurt, and the joy in sorrow.

I know God’s best for him is to believe . . . so I’m praying for what he thinks is impossible . . . for him to believe. Win.

Believing in Christ, God with us,
is an interactive
relationship that leads to experiencing life to the fullest.
Belief requires us to abandon control and to let go of worry and fear, intentionally paying attention to what God has planned for each day, moving forward with confidence and courage.

“Go through the camp and tell the people to get their provisions ready. In three days you will cross the Jordan River and take possession of the land the Lord your God is giving you” (Joshua 1:11, NLT).

Joshua had a big task: to move a nation across the flooding waters of the Jordan River. He not only had to believe God would be at work to accomplish the plan but also to convince the rest of the people of it.
He believed God had called and commissioned him.
He listened to God, believing all the details would come together so that the people could take possession of the land.

He spoke to the people in belief:

  • God has a task–prepare in belief: Get your provisions ready.
  • God has a timeline–wait in belief: Wait for three days.
  • God has a plan–move forward in belief: Make this your vision: You will cross the Jordan River —success is promised with the word, “will.”
  • God has a promise–align with it in belief: Take possession of the Promised Land.
  • God is at work–believe it.

Live in belief:
Knowing God has called us and commissioned us with a specific plan is the gift of the day. So. We enter into the day in belief that God will move any and every obstacle and make a way through the circumstances to put the plan into place. It requires courageous faith to take the steps to move from where we are to where God has planned for us to go. If, we refuse, it’s a matter of disobedience which leads to unbelief. There’s no need to worry, God will provide the confidence to face it, the courage to take each step, the grace to go through the process, and the power to accomplish it.

The thing is . . . when we enter into the realm of belief . . . God provides everything we need to accomplish the divine assignment of each day.

Believe. Get ready. Game on. Win in Christ.

Learning to Kickstart the day living in belief.
(written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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