Surrendering It All

Sometimes God gives us something to be reminded of His supernatural presence. As I prayed, asking God about what could be possible in the impossible, a big butterfly hovered at the window. It was an unusual sight in our January, cold, and windy environment. You can give me all the reasons this may have occurred; however, I know the beautifully created creature was a gift of God, reminding me of His transforming power in any and all situations.

The tragedy which occurs in impossible situations is when we lose track of the transforming power of God.

The impossible is really not the issue, it’s whether or not we surrender our control to God, believing all things are possible with God. There are seasons which seem to have more impossible situations than others. It’s in the impossible of life that we have the opportunity to rely on God more than any other time.  When we realize there’s nothing to be done but to surrender it all, trusting God to be in control, our perspective and ultimately our reality is transformed.

And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, NASB).

Jesus entered into a discussion with a rich young man, delineating the principle of surrendering everything to be fully engaged in an ongoing-active-participative relationship with God. He told the man, if, he really wanted to experience a  full life with God, he had to sell all of his possessions. The man walked away from a life that would’ve blown him away; however, he could not bring himself to surrender everything, choosing a life with all of his possessions rather than a full life with God.

The thing is . . . no one has a chance to fully experience life with God . . . without fully surrendering everything to Him.

So. Determine what takes most of your time and attention.   Surrender it all to God. Believe God will transform your life.  God promises all things are possible:

“Surrender it all . . . I will help you . . . I will not leave you . . . I will not fail you . . .  with Me, all things are possible.”

It’s true, with God all things are possible, even a butterfly hovering beside a window in mid-January on a cold and windy day in Oregon.

Learning to Kickstart the day surrendering it all.
(written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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