Life List: Trust Christ With Every Detail

Life is a process isn’t it? There’s so many times, I’ve realized life could be managed differently and better after the fact. I’m talking about after . . . a difficult time . . . a time of stress . . . a time of busyness . . . and after forgetting to see the gift of the day.

Years ago, I was in nursing school, intent on getting good grades, going beyond the normal student’s workload to achieve, working parttime, living on my own, focused on doing what I needed to do. My dad called me and asked me to leave school for a couple of days and have my work schedule changed to join the family to hear an elderly woman, Corrie Ten Boom, speak about her experience with Christ including how she hid Jewish people from the Nazi’s, and how she endured imprisonment in a concentration camp.
I simply told my dad, “NO.” There was no way I would compromise my goals to listen to an old woman speak about Jesus.

He said it was an opportunity of a lifetime to meet with a few other families and to listen to the amazing woman. He insisted. He rarely insisted. I rarely resisted.

So. I rearranged my schedule. My nursing instructors were not happy, neither was my supervisor. I joined my family. But. I was an unhappy nineteen-year-old. I don’t think anyone missed my bad attitude.

I had no idea that I really had been offered a gift of a lifetime, to be in the presence of an individual who lived completely in the power and authority of Christ.

Corrie Ten Boom shuffled into the room, hair pulled into a bun, ankles swollen, seemingly not very healthy, looking fragile and old.
We all sat in the front row. I’m sure everyone could see my attitude by the way I sat and looked.
Then. She spoke with power and authority. She was ageless and incredible, explaining there are those who never get beyond saying “yes” to Christ; living without the power and authority of Christ as, if, they are in the darkness. While she spoke, she fumbled with a flashlight that would not turn on. She finally opened it up and pulled out rags, which she said were the things we let come into our life that separate us from living in the power and authority of Christ. Things like . . . complacency . . . gossip . . . bitterness . . . anger . . . and self-centeredness . . . and selfishness were included on the long list. I knew my attitude was on the list. I did not want to live without the power and authority of Christ. I wanted what she had.

When she exchanged the rags for batteries the light went on. She told us to trust God with the stuff, to surrender it all, so we could fully live in the power and authority of Christ through the Spirit.

I had let the “rags” separate what Christ wanted to do in me and for me with supernatural power and authority.   I needed to trust Christ with every detail, surrendered to what He said:

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matthew 28: 18, NIV).

The word, “all,” reminds us that nothing else in our life will replace the power and authority of Christ.  God has so much more for us to experience but we must let go of the stuff.  When we’re overwhelmed, overdone, and unable to see the gift of the day, we need to stop and exchange all the details of the stuff for the power and authority of Christ in our life.

Put it on the life list: Trusting Christ with every detail.
Refuse to let your life fill up with the stuff, the rags.
Let your light shine with the power and authority of Christ.

Learning to Kickstart the day trusting Christ with all of it,


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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