Life List: Live Blessed

Blessed. Few of us use the word; however, it’s a word worth thinking about.  We become so immersed in our busyness, circumstances, and problems that we miss the gift of being blessed.  How is it possible to be blessed when we face problems and even hardship?

When we’re blessed, we’ve received God’s favor through the presence, power, and peace of Christ, regardless of the circumstances we must manage.

The book of Psalms begins with the definition of a blessed individual:
Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the LORD,
and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
whatever they do prospers (Psalm 1: 1-3, NIV).

So. The blessed do not step into the ways of people who separate themselves from God, living in the darkness and going their own way. But. The blessed immerse themselves in God’s ways day and night. And. The life of the blessed is fruitful and prosperous in the ways of God. The thing is . . . to be blessed . . . we must intentionally step into the ways of God.

To be blessed is to be engaged with God’s purpose, believing each day is a gift. To be blessed is to have an interactive and ongoing personal relationship with God, anticipating the “more” of what God has planned with each step along the way.  To be blessed is to trust God, taking each step with confident belief God is present and continually at work, never failing. To be blessed is to finish the day strong.

Ultimately, how we live  reveals whether or not we’re blessed. Elizabeth told Mary she was blessed for believing God: Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled” (Luke 1:45, NAS).
To be blessed is to make the decision to live God’s way, believing God will do what He says He will do, fulfilling the promises of His Word in your life.

Put it on the life list: Live blessed.

  • Intentionally walk in God’s ways, meditating on His word day and night.
  • Take each step with confidence God is present and at work.
  • Believe each day is a gift.

Learning to Kickstart the day . . . blessed.


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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