After The Cross

Miss Madelyn continually shows me the value of fully experiencing each moment of the day.  It has become clearer to me, that as we grow older, the cares of this world press into us, impacting the way we see life and how we live it.  So.  We must be mindful of what we let into our life.

Miss Madelyn--Living fully in the moment.

The reality of what Christ took on has freed us to live fully in the moment. But. To experience true freedom, we must surrender . . . the greatest burden and the smallest worry . . . to Christ. We need to be mindful throughout the day of the moment Christ declared from the cross, “It is finished!”

The words are life-changing, reminding us of what came after the cross:  “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit (John 19:30, NLT).

In the most powerful moment in the history of the world, we were freed to experience the fullness of life. So.  When the stuff that belongs in the grave begins to come at us . . . shame, blame, worry, doubt, stress, and whatever else . . . we need to remember the battle was fought and won. What comes after the cross is the fullness of life.  Ashley Summers, our worship leader, sent me a song that gives this message.  It’s from Hillsong United: Aftermath.

We are called to live in the realm of what comes after the cross.

  • Believe Christ has broke through the power of what belongs in the grave.
  • Step into the realm of Christ’s declaration–“It’s finished!”
  • Choose to live in the freedom of Christ, fully experiencing each moment of the day.

Day 16 of 40-days of intentional gratefulness:  Grateful to be free to experience the fullness of life in each moment.

Learning to Kickstart each day with gratefulness,


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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