But . . . WITH GOD . . .

A year ago, our family did not think we would be anticipating the birth of a baby this fall. But.  In just two weeks, I will be going to San Diego to help with the birth of this miracle baby.  We were told there would be less than a 3% chance of this miracle happening with a list of all the reasons why it could not and would not occur. It all seemed impossible. But.  With God nothing is impossible.

Circumstances will enslave the mind, emotions, and spirit and put us under the power of the stuff, creating stress in our life.  The thing is . . . the challenges of life . . . direct us from peace, vitality, energy, and hope.  Yet.  Many times we don’t know why we feel the way we do or what to do to get rid of the pressure of it all.

The key is to turn our focus from the circumstance to God.  When we face life WITH GOD, including the times nothing makes sense, when everything in us says all things are impossible, we are freed from the weight of it all, no longer under it. I’ve learned to underline the two words, WITH GOD, in my mind, emotions, and spirit as I respond to any and all situations. That said, without a relationship WITH GOD, the impossible becoming possible is simply wishful thinking; however, when we live WITH GOD, we see with eyes of faith, realizing there’s much more to life than what’s seen in the moment.

So. What can we do when we are weighed down by it all?

Seek God first. The truth of the matters of life are often missed when we fail to seek God first. It doesn’t do any good to know we should, if, we don’t make it a matter of practice. Jesus said it succinctly: “Seek the kingdom of God first” (Matthew 6:33).

When we seek God first, when we pay attention to God rather than the “stuff” of life, when we put God first place in it all, when we choose to think, speak, and act in the way God directs, when our response is attached to God and not the circumstance, we are freed from living under the pressure and stress of it all, able to experience God’s possibilities, despite the impossibilities of the day.

WITH GOD, we live in the possible not the impossible of life.

It comes down to putting the belief that we really do need God in each and every situation, believing God works all things together (Romans 8:28), will not leave us to handle it on our own (Deuteronomy 31:6), and does make all things possible (Matthew 19:26). The thing is . . . life is different when we live WITH GOD rather than on our own . . . even when we are in the middle of difficult, stressful, messy, no-good, hard situations.   WITH GOD, we  are at peace, energized with hope, trusting the Creator of the Universe to guide us through it all, leading us to what more has been divinely planned.

Seeking God first must occur to fully engage WITH GOD.  Yet.  It’s often dismissed when the stress and pressure of circumstances begin to weigh us down.  It’s not an automatic decision to seek God first, but an intentional choice to attach to God’s way rather than to the power of circumstances.

Make it a daily priority to seek God first through worship, prayer, study and meditation of scripture as well as surrendering it all.

Yes.  The impossible situations are duly noted.  But.  I do know despite the impossibility of it all, a baby is due to be born very soon. After all . . . WITH GOD . . . all things are possible.

Learning to Kickstart the day WITH GOD,

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

WITH GOD . . . all things are possible . . . just ask Madelyn

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