A Day . . .

I love Fridays. It’s my day with Madelyn. Yesterday, she made the declaration that I was to call her Maddy. We had talked about a teenager named Madeline who calls herself Maddy. She might only be three, but she knows what she wants. So. She corrected me each time I referred to her as Madelyn. “It’s Maddy.” And, then proceeded to thank me for calling her Maddy.

I love this girl. I love the life that spills out of her. I love her attitude. I love how she declares what’s important and then goes for it.  I love how she thanks me and everyone else for the smallest of things. I love how she lives strong. I love a day with her.

The thing is . . . we are created to be strong each day . . .  declaring  who we are and how we choose to live:
” I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13, NASB).
Our place in Christ, empowers us to live beyond circumstances, enabling us to face anything, making us strong when we are weak.  Yes.  We will have pressure, problems, and just down-right hard things in the days of our life; however,  we choose how the stuff will impact us, whether or not we live in the strength of Christ, and, if, we approach the day with the attitude we can face all things because of Christ living in us.  In other words, when our identity is attached to Christ, we are given a place of authority on earth and in heaven through Christ.  Yet.  It’s a choice to:

  • Let Christ in you be your identity (Colossians 1:27).  Begin and live your day by knowing who you are in Christ, remembering you are a new creation in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17).
  • Let the life of Christ spill out of your thoughts, words, and actions ( Galatians 2:20). Begin and live your day by setting your mind above the pressures, problems, and downright hard things (Colossians 3:2).
  • Let your attitude be like the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2:5). Begin and end your day with an attitude that inspires and builds up, refusing to discourage others because of an attitude focused on self.
  • Let the strength of Christ empower and enable you to do all things (Philippians 4:13). Begin and end the day with the power and authority of Christ, refusing to let circumstances overpower you.
  • Let God know you are grateful for each day given to you (Colossians 2:6-7).  Begin and end your day, giving thanks for all things. Gratefulness changes the way we think, speak, and act.

A day with God is better than a thousand days (Psalm 84:10).  

Learning to Kickstart the day with intention through Christ,

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

A day with Maddy–

Maddy and I.  She took our picture and insisted on sticking her tongue  out–this is one of about 20 pictures of us together–all with her tongue out–oh well–I wonder what she will think about this picture a few years from now.)

Maddy and Tiffany. We started our day at Tiffany’s school–Maddy sat in the morning circle to begin the day with Tiffany and her students. Maddy declared long ago that Tiffany is “Auntie Ning Ning.”

Maddy and Tim.  Maddy has declared Tim to be Uncle Timmy.  He spent his day off with us.

Maddy and Great-Grandpa Carlisle.  We visited my parents–Maddy’s great-grandparents. Two things always happen when Maddy and I visit–dad plays a made-up math game (he’s a retired CPA) and then makes raisin toast for her to eat. It’s their thing.

Maddy and Great-Grandma Carlisle.  Every time we visit, Maddy must tell mom everything we’ve done and plan on doing.  She never calls mom anything but the whole name:  Great-grandma Carlisle.

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