Win the Battle . . . Experience the Gift of the Day.

It’s easy to miss the gift of the day.  We live in an era where schedules are packed, commitments are unrealistic, relationships are weak, finances are sideways, and health is impaired. We are easily overwhelmed and overdone, feeling pressure before the day has begun, stretched beyond our limits, wanting to escape, looking for something and someone else to fix it. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. It’s the nature of the world we live in today. It just gets to be “too much.”

We need to understand that when we are overwhelmed with the “too much” of life, we’ve entered a battle against darkness as the enemy of our soul targets us, attempting to steal the gift of the day away.

Take time to read the book of Job in the Old Testament. Darkness wanted Job and went after him, targeting every area of his life, it all became “too much” for him. But. Job received wise advise:
“If I were in your shoes, I’d go straight to God,
I’d throw myself on the mercy of God.
After all, he’s famous for great and unexpected acts;
there’s no end to his surprises.
He gives rain, for instance, across the wide earth,
sends water to irrigate the fields.
He raises up the down-and-out,
gives firm footing to those sinking in grief.
He aborts the schemes of conniving crooks,
so that none of their plots come to term.
He catches the know-it-alls in their conspiracies—
all that intricate intrigue swept out with the trash!
Suddenly they’re disoriented, plunged into darkness;
they can’t see to put one foot in front of the other.
But the downtrodden are saved by God,
saved from the murderous plots, saved from the iron fist.
And so the poor continue to hope
while injustice is bound and gagged. (Job 5:8-16, The Message).

Job had to intentionally and willfully change his perspective to win the battle. He was advised to go straight to God. We, too, must step out of the power of the darkness of this world into the presence and power of God. Nothing will change until we stop and make a space in the day to intentionally focus on God, taking our eyes off of the stuff, surrendering everything, thanking God for the great, unexpected, surprising divine work that has, is, and will occur.
The load will become lighter, the truth of reality will be seen, hope will be reclaimed, and we will move out of the pressure of the darkness into the place of Light we belong in.

We must be aware of the battle around us, especially when we feel overwhelmed and believe it’s all “too much” to manage.  To win the battle, we must be strategic and proactive, planning space in each day as well as blocks of time away.  The thing is . . . when  we step away from it all, focusing on God, we’re stronger, not only able to face the day but able to experience the Gift of the day.

One of my favorite places to reconnect with God is the Oregon Coast.  There’s nothing like a windy, rainy walk on the beach to clear the mind and refocus the heart.  I’ve made it a policy to make sure it happens–this picture marks one of those times with Tim and Tiffany–a gift.

Refuse to let the darkness win, experience the Gift of the day by focusing on God.  And.  Celebrate.

Learning to Kickstart the day by finding the gift.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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