Someday Has Come

I’m leaving tonight for the birth of our “someday” baby.  We’ve prayed for her to be born for over two decades. It’s been a long journey of hoping and believing. Along the way, we’ve wondered, if, it would really happen, at times doubting God would do anything,  often struggling with the “whys” of it not happening. When waiting turns into days, weeks, months, years and decades there’s a sense hope is not logical. And. As time passed, some “experts” said it was not only illogical but it would be impossible. Even, so. We hoped it would occur someday.

I don’t understand how it happened after all these years, but I believe, more than ever, in the mysterious and powerful work of God. The questioning words of Mary resonate with me: “But how can this happen (Luke 1:34, NLT)?

And, I press into the words of the angel’s response to Mary:: ” For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37, NLT).”

So. That’s today. A day marked by years of hoping. A day marked on the calendar as someday has arrived, despite the impossibility of it all.

The thing is . . . the somedays are missed when we try to make it through each day without God . . . but with God the somedays are possible. In reality, we get through the days when we face hard and hopeless moments, when we struggle with doubt and despair, when impossible appears to be impossible, by trusting God to be present and at work.

It really comes down to faith. The days of waiting are hard but not impossible when we wait in faith. And. When all is said and done, we must decide if we believe “nothing is impossible with God,”  surrendering whatever we’ve labeled as impossible. Even now, after all of this, I possess a list of impossibilities.  I need to re-write the list, entitling it “Possibilities with God.” I’ve learned, and need to remember, somedays do happen.

  • Refuse to give up hope.
  • Believe nothing is impossible with God.
  • Wait for your someday of possibilities. It will happen.
  • Celebrate your someday now.

Learning to Kickstart the day believing for the someday of possibilities.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

A day with Madelyn is a reminder somedays happen. We saw how God made all things possible the day she came home from China.

One thought on “Someday Has Come

  1. Kathy Togstad says:


    So beautiful! God is using you and will use you to help others experience the power and transformation of Christ. Can’t wait to see some day how He puts all you have gone through for His glory! Bigger some days are to come! By the way your writing gets better and better, your book is close at hand.

    Love you!



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