24-hour Countdown

I’m in San Diego.  I flew in last night, glad for the time in the air to stop and breathe, making the transition from the chaos and craziness of getting ready to leave home and work to getting ready for the birth of our miracle baby.  The 24-hour countdown to DELIVERY has begun.  Yep.  DELIVERY is scheduled. The big moment is almost here. The thing is . . . this has not been an overnight experience . . .  but rather a long and tedious journey. When we look backwards, the pathway to the final countdown has taken us into some pretty difficult and dark places, over some tall mountains, and into some deep valleys.

I wonder if, we could’ve seen it all, not just the moment-to-moment segments of life but the whole thing leading up to now, if, we would’ve been more relaxed, if, we would’ve cared more about the simple things, if, we would’ve been more grateful, and, if, we would’ve celebrated more.

Countdowns, the kind that lead to a New Year always come with resolutions.  It makes sense that a countdown to a miraculous moment should be filled with resolutions.

So.  Here’s a 24 hour countdown of the day–not necessarily in order:

  1. Wake up with anticipation of a new day, knowing the mercy of God is new and fresh each day.
  2. Seek God first.  Meditate. Pray. Believe. 
  3. Decide to experience the day as the best day ever. 
  4. Intentionally enjoy each moment, regardless of the circumstances, knowing it’s all a one-time gift.
  5. Determine to have a positive attitude . . . an attitude like Christ . . . refuse any negativity. 
  6. Realize the explosive life-giving power of God is present at all times.  
  7. Remember God is for you–so, who can be against you? 
  8. Live healthy, rather than disregarding the gift of life. 
  9. Relax when things get tough, believing God is in control. 
  10. Be grateful, intentionally look for things to thank God and others about. 
  11. Take a risk of faith, refuse to be a mediocre Christ follower. 
  12. Dream big. Pray bigger. Believe more.
  13. Do each task of the day with joy, regardless of how small or tedious. 
  14. Surprise someone, do something out of the ordinary for them.
  15. Care less about your stuff and more about others. 
  16. Bless those who curse you. 
  17. Invite people into your home, regardless of how humble it is. 
  18. Try something new. 
  19. Laugh more. 
  20. Forgive others as well as yourself.
  21. Do something creative. 
  22. Make a plan, be proactive.
  23. Learn something new.
  24. Celebrate.  Life is a gift.

This is the day the Lord has made!  

Rejoice and be glad.

(Psalm 118:24, NLT). 

Learning to Kickstart the day with new resolutions in each 24-hour countdown.


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

My nieces, Natalie and Brianna–getting ready for the countdown–they bought owl bookends for baby’s books.

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