But, with God . . . There’s Nothing To Fear

One of my tasks in our faith community as a pastor and friend, is to help people move out of fear into a life of faith. More often than not, as I begin talking about the possibilities of a life lived by faith, an individual will begin their rebuttal with “Yes, but . . . ”
“Yes, but . . . (s)he always . . . ”
“Yes, but . . . it is. . . ”
“Yes, but . . . they said . . . ”
“Yes, but . . . I can’t . . . ”
“Yes, but, I don’t have . . . ”
Listen, all of us are guilty of the “Yes, but . . . ” discussion, which comes out of fear, often recognized as stress and worry. Fear creates chaos in our soul, removes peace from our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and destroys are ability to live by faith. Fear finds its way into our life through difficult or downright hard circumstances . . . from significant people in our life teaching us the ways of fear . . . and from the environment we live in. As fear weaves its place into our life, we tend to respond to life in defeat, discouragement, depression, and anger. Fear steals life from us.


It requires an intentional choice to refuse fear and to press into faith.

When we make the choice to live by faith and not fear, we step into the divine realm where the light of God breaks through the darkness of fear:

The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

There’s nothing to fear when we live with God at the front and center of our life, when we believe God is God, and when we rely on God to be the stronghold of life. The stronghold referred to is compared to the city which has been fortified and reinforced to withstand attack.

With God as our stronghold, we’re able to win the battle when fear attacks, declaring, “But, with God . . . there’s nothing to fear!”

However. When we allow fear to be our stronghold, we develop a thought process and a pattern of behavior that weakens us, causing us to do things that damage and harm ourselves as well as others, missing out on what God has planned for us.  We need to refuse fear, moving our mindset from the “Yes, but . . . ” to “But, with God . . . there’s nothing to fear!”

Focus Prayer Today:

  • God be my stronghold.
  • Prepare and strengthen me to fight the battle against fear. 
  • I declare: “But, with God . . . there’s nothing to fear.”

Learning to Kickstart the day declaring there’s nothing to fear,


(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Living by faith is a celebration: Kaelyn is three weeks old today!

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