Exercising Gratefulness

There’s a poverty of gratefulness in today’s world. When we fail to give thanks, we miss the presence and power of God. So. Will Americans intentionally give thanks on the day set aside for gratefulness? I know the temptation to complain resides in each of us. It’s a conscious decision to give thanks, even when we feel like complaining.

I’ve learned the more I exercise gratefulness, the more I feel the power of it. When giving thanks is part of our narrative, regardless of our circumstances, we are stronger and healthier. So.

When life is good–give thanks, when life is hard–give thanks, when life is falling apart in a million pieces–give thanks, when life is unsure–give thanks.

True gratefulness begins as we enter into the presence of God, as we intentionally become more aware of God than anything or anyone else, seeing God as God. And.

When we’re blessed to be still long enough to know God is present, we realize God’s Light disseminates the darkness attempting to overpower us, freeing us from the pressure and weight of this world to the point that thanksgiving erupts from the heart of our being and we give thanks for divine goodness and ever-lasting love.

Blessed are you who enter in God’s name—
from God’s house we bless you!
God is God,
he has bathed us in light.
Festoon the shrine with garlands,
hang colored banners above the altar!
You’re my God, and I thank you.
O my God, I lift high your praise.
Thank God—he’s so good.
His love never quits! (Psalm 118:26-29, The Message).

  • Make it a choice to exercise gratefulness, giving thanks. Only you can decide, if, you will give thanks.

And. For you to know–I’m grateful for you! Thank-you!

Learning to Kickstart the day, exercising gratefulness.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Grateful for family!

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