So. This is Christmas . . . God with us.

So . . . this is Christmas . . . a time to know God is with us.  Regardless of how far we remove ourselves from God, we can be sure God will continue to be present. It’s who God is . . . with us.

When we talk about God being with us, there’s a sense that we’ve made it all too simple.

There are those who complicate our relationship with God by making lists of rules, by focusing more on what we fail to do rather than on what God is doing, by being more interested in condemning rather than in loving, by giving reason for this world to doubt God is with us. Even so, God will not leave; it’s who God is . . . with us.

While we may believe God is present in the world, we might not believe we’re worth God being present with us. But. We can be sure God is present with a love that’s beyond our understanding, with a love that does not measure us by what we do or do not do, with a love that brings hope for tomorrow. We may doubt, deny, and even push God away, but God is present, wanting us to come, to know and to believe it’s who God is . . . with us.

With God nothing is impossible; we’re able to get through anything and everything with God. When we’re consumed with all of it, when we’re unable to face one more thing, when we’re hurt, harmed, and broken, when we’re unable to take one more step forward, we can be sure God has not forgotten us and has a plan of hope and a future for us. Even when the reality of God’s presence seems impossible, we can be sure it’s who God is . . . with us.

And. When we believe God is with us, we change. We will not be able to live a disengaged–do-what-you want–self-absorbed life when we’re aware God is with us. In fact, when we live in the moment-to-moment awareness of God, circumstances no longer dictate the way we think, speak, and live, giving others the reason to pause and wonder if God is actually present. And, yes, there are times it’s hard to believe God wants to be with us, but it’s who God is . . . with us.

Keep in mind, that God is present even when you don’t believe it. Perhaps you once thought God was present, but you don’t think it anymore. Whatever caused you to look the other way, to refuse to acknowledge the presence of God, does not need to hold you hostage. I encourage you to look for God again. God is all about new beginnings and fresh faith. Christ was born for you to know it’s who God is . . . with us.

It was declared centuries ago:  “Look! The virgin will conceive a child!
She will give birth to a son,
and they will call him Immanuel,
which means ‘God is with us.’” (Matthew 1: 23, NLT)

The thing is . . . when we give our problems, disappointments, doubt,  and denial to God;  when we look one more time for the presence of God; when we believe God is present even when it does not make sense  . . . we’re reborn with a new passion to live fully and wholly with God.

So. This is Christmas . . . God with us.

Learning to Kickstart the day with the meaning of Christmas . . . God with us,

Shalom . . . peace . . . reveals God is with us.

Shalom . . . peace . . . reveals God is with us.

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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