Backdoor Kind of People in Messy and Imperfect Places

At times, it’s hard to imagine God . . . who is God . . . would want to spend time with you and I. Think about it. God broke through the darkness, the hopelessness, and loneliness of the world by showing up as baby Jesus in the stench of a stable, in a bed of hay, surrounded by those who chose to be with him—ordinary people– Joseph, a carpenter . . . Mary, a teenager . . and shepherds. They’re the kind of people I call backdoor people.

God shows up in our messy, less than perfect, backdoor kind of lives to be with us.

Yet. There are times we ask, “Where are you God? Are you here? Are you listening? Will you answer me?”

We wait, sometimes missing the answer which is right in front of us . . . as it was the first Christmas . . . when the skies opened up and heaven came down to earth . . . when the angels announced God came. The message is the same over 2,000 years later:

I am with you. I will not leave you. I will not fail you.

And.  We have a choice.
Do we choose to be with God in the places where we live, in the routine of the day, in our messy, less than perfect backdoor life . . . eating breakfast or grabbing a quick cup of coffee . . . rushing out the door to get to school, work, or church or feeling like there’s nothing to do . . . shopping for last minute gifts or wondering how to pay the light bill . . . eating alone in deafening silence or sitting at a table filled with family and friends who all talk at once, making it difficult to hear anything . . . picking up the messes in the house for the millionth time or signing a million dollar business contract . . . digging a ditch or sitting at a desk in a large office . . . applying for unemployment or hiring a new employee . . . calling a park bench home or purchasing a 6,000 square foot house . . . hearing a baby cry for the first time or all the time . . . burying a beloved or celebrating a child’s first birthday . . . saying “I do” at a dream wedding or receiving divorce papers, wanting to wake up from the nightmare . . . hearing your name and the word cancer in the same sentence or completing a first marathon . . . celebrating Christmas with a crowd or completely alone.

At the end of the day, we’re the backdoor kind of people who find ourselves in messy and imperfect places. And. In it all, we have the choice to be with God, who is with us.

Take a moment. Be with God. Merry Christmas.

Learning to Kickstart the day with God in a backdoor, messy, imperfect life,
(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)


One thought on “Backdoor Kind of People in Messy and Imperfect Places

  1. Kathy Togstad says:


    Nice job! This devotion is one that people from all walks of life can relate to and you did a nice job covering what people are going through.



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