The Holy Place of Surrender

Surrender is never easy. When I challenge individuals to surrender all that was, all that is, and all that could be, there’s usually a struggle. Most often, the individual will explain why they need their life to be a certain way. I understand. I struggle with surrendering the things that I count on, the things which are a part of the routine of my day, the things that bring me joy. And. There’s the struggle of surrendering unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and habits. Yet. I’ve learned.

There’s freedom in surrendering everything, trusting God beyond what we’ve known and what we want.

There are some things, which take more effort to surrender.
Surrender is a daily exercise of faith.
Surrender is not about loss but gain.
Surrender is necessary to simplify.

Surrender is a holy place.

Surrender changes the way life is lived, leading to health and wholeness.  We’ve all experienced those times when we know something must change, but we want someone else to make the change. And. We fight it, denying our need for surrender.

Where we find our own resistance is the best place to start with surrender.

Jesus surrendered the ultimate . . . his life . . . in the loneliness of the night, in the darkness, there was a holy place of surrender:  “Yet I want your will to be done, not mine” (Mark 14:36b).

In our faith journey, we too, have the opportunity to go to the holy place of surrender.   Yet.  There are some elements of life which take more effort to surrender, especially the things we’ve become accustomed to living with . . .
blame, shame, hurt,
lack of discipline in eating, exercising, and caring for the body,
busyness, no time for God or others.
worry, anxiety, stress . . .
and everything else.  There’s a Divine encounter each time we surrender.  It’s a gift.

The New Year gives reason to start a new list of the things that need to be surrendered.  Begin the list today and keep it with you for the year. I surrender . . .

Think surrender, speak surrender, actively surrender all, stepping into the holy place of surrender.  Receive the gift of surrender.

Learning to Kickstart the day with God,
(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

The gift of the day is found in surrender.

The gift of the day is found in surrender.

One thought on “The Holy Place of Surrender

  1. Kathy Togstad says:

    Surrender brings us freedom and it comes with obedience to God. Our resistance keeps the old when God wants to give us the new. So thankful for a God that makes all things new if we will only allow Him to have the old.

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