One Year Later

On Monday, March 4, 2013 at 4:00 PM, we will stand at little Miss Lucy Mae’s grave remembering her day and time of birth one year ago, grateful for her. There’s so much that has happened in one year and, yet, it seems like it was only yesterday we said good-bye. Through it all, we’ve known there’s always hope, our anchor in the midst of the storms of pain. We pray God continues to use her little life in our lives to make us better at this thing called life.

My letter to Lucy Mae for our celebration of her life in March 2012:

My sweet Miss Lucy Mae,You are such a bright light in our life. I can only imagine how much light you have added to heaven because of how you are shining in our hearts. I’ve loved knowing you on earth, knowing you were safely tucked in your mama’s womb. Feeling your body in her body for the first time is a memory I will remember forever. Your last moments on earth are memories pressed into my heart as friends and family gathered to say hello and good-bye. Auntie Tricia Mae and I helped Mama and Daddy the day you were born during labor and delivery. I am still amazed at the profound sorrow and wonder that I had all through the day, seeing your mama and daddy with such great strength in their suffering, leaning on the love and support of all of our family and friends. When we all took turns holding you . . . Mama, Daddy, Auntie Tricia, Uncle Troy, Uncle Timmy, Papa and myself, Alison, Jenn, Monica . . . I saw amazing love and knew there was a heavenly circle of family and friends loving on you.

I loved watching you be dressed in your white gown, pink knitted cap, and two beautiful light pink blankets. Your mama and I went shopping for you a few times and we had so much fun thinking about how all the clothes would look on you. Actually, Uncle Timmy went with me the very first time to surprise your mama on her birthday with all white clothes and baby supplies. White will always be a precious and pure color to me because of how sweet you looked in your little special white gown. I’ve never been a fan of light pink until now. So. Keep watch on me, when you see me wearing pink–you can know it’s a Nana and Miss Lucy day. Miss Madelyn and I have been planning some Nana slumber parties with you–so when we have them, you can be sure there will be something light pink there–including pink foil wrapped candy kisses thinking how you are sending your kisses from heaven.

The thing is . . . I’ve had so many things planned for us to do . . . and now I must wait with hope that you are making a list of all the things we must do when I finally step into heaven. And. Since you are a part of a family of list-makers, I am pretty sure you will have a little list of things to see and do on my first day in heaven. I can hardly wait to see your bright, shiny face and hear all about the things you have been doing.

Little Miss Lucy Mae you are my star in heaven. Shine on sweet one look for me . . . I’m coming . . . so is your papa.
We can’t wait to see you,
I love you! Papa loves you!
Nana and of course Papa

And more:

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Saying Good-Bye

Saying Good-Bye

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