There are times doubt creeps in, especially during difficult and challenging times.  I’ve learned that it’s a battle I can’t win on my own.  I need the Spirit of God released in me, giving me hope to move forward in belief.  It’s what the man had to do when he came to Jesus about his very ill 12-year-old-daughter.

He was a centurion, a soldier and a leader.  It would have been unusual for him to have faith.  But.  He did. He was desperate.  He needed hope and healing for his daughter.  He went after Jesus, focused on his daughter needs.  Jesus agreed to go to his home; however, he was interrupted by a woman who touched him for healing.  When Jesus turned to continue coming to the man’s home, news came that the little girl had died.

Ignoring what they said,
Jesus told the synagogue ruler:
 “Don’t be afraid; just believe”  (Mark 5:36, NIV). 

I love the fact that Jesus ignores the ones who said she had died.  There was a different plan for the little girl, a plan of life, health, and wholeness.  Jesus made it clear: BELIEVE.  I can’t imagine how it felt to walk home.  Did the centurion struggle with what he had been told by his household servants or did he walk home, believing all would be well?  When I read Mark 5: 25-41 let the Word settle in–I think walking with Jesus gave him strength to believe.

The pathway to believing is not always easy; however, I can say from experience, it changes how I see and respond to life.  So. I am taking the walk of belief today, believing for the impossible to be possible, for sorrow to become joy, for all things to become new.

Think about the power of what Jesus said:  Only BELIEVE! Will you join in and BELIEVE like never before?

More later–Kerrie

This little old church is a place I learned to believe.

This little old church is a place I learned to believe no matter how things seem.

(written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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