Five-year-old Madelyn announced to me, “You know, you don’t need to worry.  God’s right here and everywhere.”

Don’t you love that kind of faith?  It’s simple, pure, and powerful.  It’s what we all need in order to manage the circumstances of life.  I’ve learned the value of leaning-in to God when life is a challenge, when there are more questions than answers, and when the future seems unclear. Even so, there’s a temptation to lean-in to the impossibilities or the negativity of the situation. It’s really a matter of whether or not I trust God to be God in my reality. I’m not saying to disregard the reality of the situation; however, there’s always more in reality than what is seen or heard in the moment. I can say with confidence, there’s wisdom in taking time to pause and to lean-in to God, trusting in His unrelenting presence. It’s what the Psalmist wrote in a time of trouble:

  • He holds you firmly in place; He will not let you fall. He who keeps you will never take His eyes off you and never drift off to sleep. What a relief! The One who watches over Israel never leaves for rest or sleep. Psalm 121:3-4 (VOICE)

When we step into the power of these words, we see there’s nothing that can or will get past the divine awareness of God or the grip of God or the focus of God on and in our life.

Knowing God has never moved away from you or I, renews my confidence and courage to lean-in to God, with the deliberate and intentional choice to live beyond the circumstance.

Pause. Refocus. Take a step and lean in to God’s unrelenting presence. Deliberately and intentionally choose to live beyond the circumstance. And. Celebrate the gift of God’s unrelenting presence in your day.


Madelyn’s five-year old wisdom needs to be considered.

 It matters–Kerrie (Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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