Call God

I’m always encouraged when someone sits in my office and tells me they want to experience more of life. It’s easy to settle, missing out on what really matters, failing to experience the full gift of life.   The tasks, the demands, and the pressures of the day are often consuming.  Yet, without action, nothing will change.

Living well is never guaranteed and does not just happen. There’s a need to break through the pressures and problems of our insanely busy, chaotic, fast-paced culture. But, how?

I’ve learned that prayer is key to living well. Without prayer, a revolution of living will not be effective or long-lasting. Prayer is the most powerful way to engage with what God has ordained. When we pray, the door that leads us from the realm of mindless living to fulfillment is opened.

It sounds simple, but it’s true,  all we have to do is call God and the door will be opened.  As a little boy, Timothy told our friends that he knew God’s phone number: Jeremiah 33:3. He was right.

Eternal One: Call to Me, and I will answer you. I will tell you of great things, things beyond what you can imagine, things you could never have known (Jeremiah 33:3, (VOICE)).

God has promised to not only answer but to tell of great things, far beyond our imagination.  But. First, we must call God to know about the great things.  And. Knowledge and experience are different.  Once we know about the great things of God, we must decide to go through the door God opens through prayer, cross the threshold into the realm of “more,” and experience the great things ordained for the day.

Call God. Listen. Respond. Experience the God-ordained great things of the day.

It matters–Kerrie

Tim and the girls.  As a boy he was convinced Jeremiah 33:3 was God's phone number.  I still love it!

Tim and the girls. As a boy he was convinced Jeremiah 33:3 was God’s phone number. I still love it!

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2014 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

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