I love to tell the story . . .

For over two thousand years people have told the story of Jesus being alive.

And.  I love to tell the story . . .

I can only imagine what it was like for the friends of Jesus as they waited for the end of Sabbath to prepare Jesus’ body for a burial.  His entry into Jerusalem the week before gave hope.  They followed him, believed him, cared for him, and trusted him for a new future, which seemed near.  But. His violent torturous death most certainly disseminated their hope, producing despair and desolation of the soul.

All they had left was to care for his body.  But.  It all unexpectedly changed:

John 20:3-10, The VOICE:

Together, they all departed for the tomb to see for themselves. They began to run, and Peter could not keep up. The beloved disciple arrived first but did not go in. There was no corpse in the tomb, only the linens and cloths He was wrapped in. When Simon Peter finally arrived, he went into the tomb and observed the same: the cloth that covered His face appeared to have been folded carefully and placed, not with the linen cloths, but to the side. After Peter pointed this out, the other disciple (who had arrived long before Peter) also entered the tomb; and based on what he saw, faith began to well up inside him! Before this moment, none of them understood the Scriptures and why He must be raised from the dead. 10 Then they all went to their homes.

The detail of the folded cloth in the story is significant.  It was not necessary.   Death was finished.

Fast forward to the scene of Mary, a friend of Jesus, standing outside the tomb, looking at who she thought was the Gardner.  There was no reason to think he was Jesus.  No reason all.  She had seen Jesus die a horrible death and had seen his beaten and dead body carried to the tomb.  But.  Jesus was alive.

  John 20:16-18The Voice

Jesus: 16 Mary!

Mary Magdalene (turning to Jesus and speaking in Hebrew): Rabboni, my Teacher!

Jesus: 17 Mary, you cannot hold Me. I must rise above this world to be with My Father, who is also your Father; My God, who is also your God. Go tell this to all My brothers.

18 Mary Magdalene obeyed and went directly to His disciples.

I can only imagine how it  felt to see Jesus alive after watching him be tortured to death.   Heart stopping-miraculous.

The story has as much power now as it was then.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all different because Jesus is ALIVE.

It’s a story that has changed lives since it happened.

The story continues throughout the world, generation after generation.  And.  It’s impacted countless people including myself:

I love to tell my story . . . I’m ALIVE in Christ!

Being ALIVE in Christ is the greatest part of the story.   I pray it’s your story.

It matters–Kerrie




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