SOMETHING (Episode 3)

RDC ( Red Door Church)

10:30 am

Upper Rooms

1219 3rd St NW, Salem, OR 97304

OUR CONVERSATION FOR JUNE 2017: SOMETHING SOMETHING OLD. SOMETHING NEW. SOMETHING MORE. Sometimes what feels comfortable is not healthy. Even so, we slip into the way we’ve always done things because it seems to be easier. And, don’t we all want easier in this complicated life? The uncomfortable places are the open door to growth and strength—it’s where we take the leap of faith. BUT. And, it’s a big but—if we stay in the comfortable place—we will find ourselves deep in anxiety and eventually stress. Because, what matters is missed. Would you do it, if, you knew it would all work out? The grid of this conversation comes from the Old and New Testament—the full, complete unabridged story of God—the crosspoint of life. Sunday Service @ 10:30am @ 1219 3rd St Salem 97304

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We are abundantly blessed, celebrating every day for the opportunity and gift to live the with-God life.

Today we celebrate by

honoring guys and grads in our community of faith.


We celebrate each day. This week–it’s officially summer–here’s to the best summer ever!

God has something more for each one of us–now and in the not-yet!

Key God-word (a prophecy):

“Look here, what’s done is done and gone. The now is new, and there’s hope in the not-yet. I will tell you what’s to come, even before the events are brand-new” (Isaiah 42:9, Voice)


The dynamics of God’s words remain foundational to the formation of the people of God: past, present, and future. The context of the past is to be understood to understand the with-God life in the present and future.

Using _____________________ as our grid, we are focusing at the place on our timeline, _____________________ is the _____________________ and _____________________, the catalyst of how we live, requiring us to continue with the specific way of thinking:

_____________________ and _____________________, which is _____________________ thinking.


The biggest moments of life occur:

It requires us to:

It’s worth the risk!


Healing is key.

As we dive in–keep in mind:


Something Old:

2 Kings. Read 2 Kings 17-20 this week.

Isaiah 37, 38.

Isaiah 37: 16,17

Hezekiah: Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, who sits enthroned above the winged guardians—You alone are God. Only You are supreme over all the nations and kingdoms of the earth.

Hezekiah: And only You have made the heavens above, the earth below, and everything in them.

Please, please listen, Eternal One. Attend to us here and now; look and listen (Voice).

Isaiah 38: 1-8

Meanwhile, back in Judah, Hezekiah became very sick and was about to die. Learning of it, Isaiah, Amoz’s son, went to visit him.

Eternal One: Get your affairs in order. You are going to die. You are not going to recover from this.

Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and started praying.

Hezekiah: Eternal One, I beg you to remember how I have followed the path You set before me, and how I did so with all my heart. Remember how I have done what You wanted with sincerity of purpose every step of the way. Then Hezekiah broke down and wept. He wept and wept. Then a different word from the Eternal came upon the prophet Isaiah.

Eternal One: Go and tell Hezekiah that the Eternal, the God of your ancestor David, says: “I have heard your prayer, and I have seen your tears. I’ve decided to add another 15 years to your life. Not only that, but I will also rescue you and this city and not allow you to fall under the control of the Assyrian king. I Myself will protect this city, Jerusalem. You’ll know that I, the Eternal One, will keep My promise by this sign: I will make the sun’s shadow—which has climbed these steps of Ahaz’s stairway—go backward 10 steps.”

And the shadow on the stairway moved backward 10 steps (Voice).

Something New: Matthew. This week read Matthew 8.

Matthew 8:6-10

Officer: Lord, I have a servant who is lying at home in agony, paralyzed. Jesus: I will come to your house, and I will heal him.

Lord, I don’t deserve to have You in my house. And, in truth, I know You don’t need to be with my servant to heal him. Just say the word, and he will be healed.

That, after all, is how authority works. My troops obey me whether I am next to them or not—similarly, this sickness will obey You. Jesus was stunned by the depth of the officer’s faith (Voice).

Key thoughts regarding “Something Old, Something New, and Something More”:

Live the _____________________ life.

Clean your mind _____________________ out faith.

Refuse to _____________________.

Think, speak, act _____________________.

Move _____________________.

Have _____________________.

God is always waiting to give something more. Always.

Bottom line:

There’s _____________________ to do something that _____________________.

RDC ‘s keys:

The key to the meaning of life is living in a relationship with God and one another.

The key to living the best life is to be equipped to respond.

The key to living with purpose is to reach out to others, doing what matters, and making a difference.


UNITE, EQUIP, and UNLEASH in Christ.

UNITE with God and one another. (Relationship)

EQUIP each person to live the best life. (Response)

UNLEASH the church to impact the world. (Reach)

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