It’s big. SOMETHING MORE for you. Today.

SOMETHING (Episode 4)


Sometimes what feels comfortable is not healthy. Even so, we slip into the way we’ve always done things because it seems to be easier. And, don’t we all want easier in this complicated life? The uncomfortable places are the open door to growth and strength—it’s where we take the leap of faith. BUT. And, it’s a big but—if we stay in the comfortable place—we will find ourselves deep in anxiety and eventually stress. Because, what matters is missed. Would you do it, if, you knew it would all work out? The grid of this conversation comes from the Old and New Testament—the full, complete unabridged story of God—the crosspoint of life.

Red Door Church Sunday Service @ 10:30am @ 1219 3rd St Salem 97304

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It all comes down to SOMETHING this Sunday morning– SOMETHING meant to make a difference every. single. day. BE READY.


1. New w_____________________.

2. New w_____________________.

3. New w_____________________.

The catalyst of how we live requires us to continue with the specific way of thinking:

_____________________ and _____________________, which is _____________________ thinking.

The OLD Testament and NEW Testament is our grid–the revelation of our _____________________ without and with–_____________________.


Peter Drucker said it simply and powerfully:


Something Old:

Read the book of Amos this week–despite it being OLD it holds SOMETHING PROFOUND.

Amos 9: 13-15

13 So says the Eternal One who will make this happen.

Eternal One: The day is coming

when one following will overtake one ahead—

When the person plowing the field will overtake the person still reaping the grain from the last season;

When the person stomping grapes will overtake the person planting the vineyard.

And in that fertile day, new wine will drip from the mountains, and the hills will flow with it.

14 I will restore the captives of My people, Israel.

They will rebuild their ruined cities and return to them.

They will plant new vineyards and drink wine from them,

and they will plant new gardens and eat the food they grow.

15 I will plant them in their own soil,

and they will never be uprooted again,

For this is the land I have given them (Voice).

Something New: Mark. This week read Mark 2.

Mark 2:21-22

21 These are new things I’m teaching, and they can’t be reconciled with old habits. Nobody would ever use a piece of new cloth to patch an old garment because when the patch shrinks, it pulls away and makes the tear even worse. 22 And nobody puts new, unfermented wine into old wineskins because if he does, the wine will burst the skins; they would lose both the wineskins and the wine. No, the only appropriate thing is to put new wine into new wineskins (Voice).

Key thoughts regarding “Something Old, Something New, and Something More”:

1. God does something more than anyone or anything can do: _____________________ . Underline this in your soul.

2. Everything. Made _____________________.

New _____________________. New _____________________.

New _____________________.

3. God has designed our life to be lived with _____________________ energy.

Job 32:19: My insides are like fresh wine sealed up and needing to breathe. Like a new wineskin, I am on the brink of bursting from the pressure.

Key-Summary of Something:

Something old:

Something new:

Something more:

Pull up a chair. God is always waiting to give something more. Always.

RDC ‘s keys:

The key to the meaning of life is living in a relationship with God and one another.

The key to living the best life is to be equipped to respond.

The key to living with purpose is to reach out to others, doing what matters, and making a difference.


UNITE, EQUIP, and UNLEASH in Christ.

UNITE with God and one another. (Relationship)

EQUIP each person to live the best life. (Response)

UNLEASH the church to impact the world. (Reach)

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