THE VIEW: Be aware of the darkness BUT pay attention to the LIGHT. 

Sunday Service @ 10:30am
@ 1219 3rd St Salem 97304
and a simultaneous podcast
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(The formats are different.)

This is just one more venue to be community. We will need a lot of feed back–it’s new @ 10:30 am at also You can download it either way at 10:30 am and anytime after.
Please let us know you’ve been with us by posting @ or mailing Pastor Kerrie @ because it’s important we’re connected and to know your view.
If, you have a friend that’s listening–you can either give them directions of how to connect or let us know that they were a part of the group.
Connection is key for all of us–it changes our view of life–and how we manage it all.

September 2017 series: THE VIEW

Every single human-being will have challenging seasons. The possible can seem impossible during these times, especially when life is upside-down with the hard and dark of it all. The way life is viewed in each season is key to living the best way every. single. day. 

 Key God-Word: Romans 8:25

“But if we wait expectantly for things we have never seen, then we hope with true perseverance and eager anticipation” (Voice). 

 These words describe a gift of vision, a supernatural viewing of reality: HOPE. Without it, the darkness of this world is blinding, disabling the vision of God’s MORE. 

 Key statement:

Be aware of the darkness BUT pay attention to the LIGHT. 

(notes are also available on the You Version Bible app @

Today’s Key:

_______________ all to be ______________ in the _______________.

Key Question:

What is your viewpoint?

Key God-Word to etch in our soul, relationships, home, work, and every single area of life: 

I am with you. I will not leave you. I will not fail you.

It’s the meaning of the words Jesus said:

Matthew 6: 34—

So do not worry about tomorrow.

Let tomorrow worry about itself.

Living faithfully is a large enough task for today.

Practice implementing today’s key life-principle by:

RDC’s keys:

The key to the meaning of life is living in a relationship with God and one another.

The key to living the best life is to be equipped to respond.

The key to living with purpose is to reach out to others, doing what matters, and making a difference.


UNITE, EQUIP, and UNLEASH in Christ.

UNITE with God and one another. (Relationship)

EQUIP each person to live the best life. (Response)

UNLEASH the church to impact the world. (Reach)

I would love to connect with you:


More details at

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