The VIEW of God’s work can be seen today as we celebrate RDC’s second birthday!


When we hope, we see the more of God.  It’s what Romans 8:25 says:

But if we wait expectantly for things we have never seen, then we hope with true perseverance and eager anticipation (Voice).

Today is RDC’s second birthday.

In the end, this is a day of Hope—WE’VE SEEN GOD’S MORE and anticipate GOD’S MORE.

Only God could do this new work. Only, God.

Notes for this morning

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Key: When we want a relationship to be strong . . .

Key word:

Key God-word:

Acts 13:16-23 (VOICE)

16 Paul rose to his feet, offered a gesture of greeting, and began his message.

Paul: Israelites and other God-fearing people, please hear me. 17 The God of the Israelites chose our ancestors and helped them become a large population while they were living in Egypt many years ago. He displayed His great power by leading them out of that powerful nation. 18 For about 40 years, He endured their constant complaining in the wilderness. 19 He opened up some land for them in Canaan by destroying the seven nations living there, and that land became their inheritance for about 450 years. 20 They had tribal leaders through the time of the prophet Samuel. 21 Then they asked for a king, and God gave them one—Saul, son of Kish, of the tribe of Benjamin—who reigned for 40 years. 22 After God moved Saul aside, He made David king in his place. God had this to say about David: “I have found David, son of Jesse, to be a man after My own heart. He’s the kind of king who will rule in ways that please Me.” 23 God has selected one of David’s descendants as the long-promised Liberator of Israel. I am speaking of Jesus.

Psalm 31:1-2 (VOICE)

For the worship leader. A song of David.

You are my shelter, O Eternal One—my soul’s sanctuary!
    Shield me from shame;
    rescue me by Your righteousness.
Hear me, Lord! Turn Your ear in my direction.
    Come quick! Save me!
Be my rock, my shelter,
    my fortress of salvation!

Romans 13:7-9 (VOICE)

Pay all of them what you owe. If you owe taxes, then pay. If you owe fees, then pay. In the same way, give honor and respect to those who deserve it. Don’t owe anyone anything, with the exception of love to one another—that is a debt which never ends—because the person who loves others has fulfilled the law. The commands given to you in the Scriptures—do not commit adultery, do not murder, do not take what is not yours, do not covet[a]—and any other command you have heard are summarized in God’s instruction: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

God’s narrative of love is always a part of our story:  “I will make a way for you. I am preparing something new. I am making the path straight. I making a way in the desert. See I am making all things new.

It’s our story . . . our celebration . . . RDC is God’s work of love.   Love wins.

easter preaching 3 - 1


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Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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